Demanded mail order brides: how to get a perfect wife

You’re scrolling through pictures of gorgeous girls and thinking, “I wish I could just click there, and she’s mine.” If it feels related, this article about mail order brides is definitely for you! Keep reading and you’ll find out:

  • What exactly are mail order brides
  • How to find and get a flawless girlfriend
  • How to really impress the girl you like
  • How much does a mail order wife cost

What should you know about mail order brides?

Today, it’s really possible to get a real girl (or even buy a wife!) from a picture on the internet with a few clicks and the right words. And it’s not about women’s accessibility. In diverse countries around the globe, girls create their profiles on dating platforms to find a reliable foreigner from the West or Europe to become contented, loving wives.

Demanded mail order brides: how to get a perfect wife

If you wonder why women can’t find decent men in their homelands, there are some crucial reasons for such misfortune.

  • Tough national customs and traditional restrictions
  • Unsafe country to live in
  • Poor space for self-development and employment
  • Unstable financial conditions
  • Abusive attitude of the stronger sex

As a prime example, in Asian or near-Asian countries, men are way more conservative in their vision of after-marriage life than males in the US. The opportunity to marry a more free-thinking and caring husband makes millions of foreign girls join dating platforms.

How to pick a decent dating platform

Choosing the right dating resource is an essential step. There are a few things to keep in mind while searching for a dating website that will really help you find your love and won’t leave you eventually with an unpleasant experience:

  1. Client-oriented design. Design can tell everything about the service quality. If you face the problem even at the step of finding the “sign-up” button, you probably should move forward in your platform searching.
  2. Prices. Unfair prices are the second red flag. It’s ridiculous to overpay for the ability to chat or view profiles. No dating platform will be free. However, there are always platforms that offer most services for a reasonable price.
  3. Variety of active profiles. Some websites are full of “orphaned” accounts of ladies who have already left the dating platform. This factor can greatly inhibit your search process. Prominent websites moderate inactive accounts and usually offer a tremendous number of updated profiles.
  4. Caring support. To be fair, a client support staff that never responds is a big sign of a low-quality website. The decent dating platform will offer you a variety of ways you can reach them, and the operators will more likely be there for you in a blink of an eye.

How to find a mail order bride: step-by-step guide

If you’re ready to welcome your true love and share your life with an exquisite woman of your choice, then it’s time for you to create your account on a reliable dating website. You can choose a resource to browse girls of a certain nation, as well!

Fill your profile

Demanded mail order brides: how to get a perfect wife

Filling the profile is under-estimated. Family-oriented mail order brides won’t really respond if they’re unsure of who they are chatting with. Here is a check-list for your profile’s fruitful creation:

  • Make sure you’ve set a fresh picture of yourself (and it’s of fine quality).
  • Mention your real age.
  • Fill your profile with actual information; tell about hobbies, your occupation, and so forth.
  • If you’re married or have children, this information should be added to your profile.

Set preferences

If you’re willing to find a wife with ideal parameters, you can use filters. There you can set your envisioned girl’s appearance, region, and sometimes hobbies.

Start communication

The proper beginning of dialogue is the foundation of any relationship. If the first step is on you, then your task in this step is to intrigue the girl. That means it’s better to never begin the chat with a single “Hi!”. What you can write instead:

Demanded mail order brides: how to get a perfect wife
  • Refer to her profile and mention that you’re interested in the hobby, profession, or education she has.
  • Ask her to tell you about her homeland’s customs, mentality, or what she likes the most about it.
  • Start a dialogue with an introduction of yourself and finish with some questions.

Don’t skimp on gifts

Women like surprises as much as compliments. Impress her with a lovely bouquet or a stunning pendant—you can often find the entire catalogue on the dating website with an option to hire a courier.

Meet her in real

If you’re satisfied with how the relationship is developing between you and your girlfriend, it’s time to meet. You can invite her to your country or visit her homeland using a professional translator’s services provided by the dating platform.

Demanded mail order brides: how to get a perfect wife

Help her get the K-1 visa

When it’s no more doubts she is the One, you probably would like her to move to your estate to live together. To do so, there are a few papers your mail order bride has to verify and obtain. One of them is the K-1 visa, which makes it possible for your ladylove to stay in your country legally.

Marry her!

Plan a wedding that you’ll never forget. It’s better to start the negotiations well before the wedding. Let her do most of the preparational processes—she probably dreamed about this day since her childhood.

Should you give internet dating a try?

Starting a serious relationship with and then marrying a genuine lady you’ve only met a few times is a risky move. Not every man is willing to take such a chance. There are, however, numerous stories of people who have never regretted their decision and are happy with their foreign bride.

Demanded mail order brides: how to get a perfect wife

Our advice: take your time, have as many conversations on tricky topics as possible with the women you met on a dating platform, don’t avoid negotiating personal aspects, and you’ll always know if this person will be a good partner to share your whole life with.


Is it legal to buy a mail order bride?

In most countries, it’s perfectly legal. Nevertheless, to marry an order-wife in accordance with all of your country’s (or state’s) laws, you must be familiar with and follow all of them.

Demanded mail order brides: how to get a perfect wife

What mail order brides are looking for?

Many girls are trying to flee their country, which can be poor or in stagnation. Mail order brides are looking for a decent husband from the USA or Europe who will share the same morals and provide them with a much better quality of life.

How much does it cost to buy a bride?

You can’t actually buy a wife. You pay for all the services the dating platform provides. After that, you pay for your real-life dating activities and engagements, and eventually, the K-1 visa is also on you. The price can vary depending on the situation: from $10.000 to $50.000.